Protecting Organizations & Their People

Ethics Hotline, Fraud Hotline, Safety Hotline

Used internationally, our ethics, fraud and safety hotline is what we are known for. We provide:

  • A nationwide toll-free number staffed by live operators 24/7/365. International numbers are available.
  • A web reporting portal available 24/7/365.
  • Powerful case management capabilities.
  • Web-based ability to report in both English and Spanish (covers substantially all United States, Mexican, and Canadian residents).
  • Call-based ability to report in 200+ languages.
  • Posters to be hung at key locations within your entity.
  • Wallet cards for all employees.
  • Quarterly emails to all employees to encourage safety and integrity as well as familiarity with the hotline.
  • Quarterly newsletter to management regarding HR issues and financial ethics.
  • Live fraud awareness and prevention seminars for your employees and management.
  • Pre-recorded training webinars for your on-going use.
  • Detailed reports.
  • Professional report assessment.
  • Peace of mind!

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