Protecting Organizations & Their People

Who Are We?

Red Flag Reporting was established as ethics hotline provider and fraud hotline service by one of the nation’s largest CPA firms after many years of recommending outside fraud hotline providers to clients.  This founding firm understands the importance and value of external hotline services and employs numerous financial experts.  To bring additional value to both the firm’s clients and the general marketplace, creating Red Flag Reporting was a natural next step. After significant growth, resulting in clients throughout the U.S. and internationally, Red Flag Reporting spun-off into an independent hotline provider focused solely on promoting safe and ethical behavior in the workplace.  Red Flag Reporting’s hotline service is now licensed by CPA firms throughout the United States, including the founding firm, in order to assist their clients in protecting assets, employees, and reputations.

Because we have analyzed, investigated, and implemented processes to prevent fraud for many years, we knew our expertise would be especially useful in creating a powerful fraud hotline service, ethics hotline services and safety hotline service. Our seasoned professionals are highly educated and experienced, holding numerous financial credentials.  We understand the importance of providing your employees, residents, customers, vendors, and/or others with a comprehensive, yet easy hotline to report unethical or dangerous situations.

Leveraging our expertise and our systems, we also began to address human resource issues, safety concerns, medical research issues, patient and resident care issues, and many more that affect our clients.  We customized our intake system to handle the specific nuances of multiple types of reports and created a management function for clients to track their reports.

Our clients love the quality and responsiveness of our team and hotline service.

What does our hotline provider expertise mean for you?

  • Each financial report is reviewed by a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) or a professional Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)
  • Most of our professionals are also Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
  • We know forensic accounting and provide initial advice on financial reports
  • We place the utmost importance on quality, confidentiality, and security