Protecting Organizations & Their People

Am I Vulnerable Quiz

Let’s face it:

Companies who employ people are vulnerable.

Companies engaged in business activities are vulnerable.

Take our quiz to find out just how vulnerable your company may be:

  1. Are employees surveyed to determine the extent to which they believe management acts with honesty and integrity?
  2. Are anonymous surveys conducted to assess employee morale?
  3. Are you and your employees aware of behavioral red flags of fraud?
  4. Do employees trust that they can report suspicious activity anonymously and/or confidentially and without fear of reprisal?
  5. Has it been made clear to employees, vendors, and customers that reports of suspicious activity will be promptly and thoroughly evaluated?
  6. Do you have proper separation of duties in place?
  7. Do you enforce mandatory vacations?
  8. Do you have a third-party hotline in place?

The Results

If you answered yes to all of the above, you are in the small minority and you are on the right track.

If you answered no or don’t know to only one of the above, you are doing well but may have a weakness that can cause potential harm to you and your employees.

If you answered no or don’t know to 2-4 questions above, you are at risk for letting valuable opportunities to protect your assets slip through the cracks.

If you answered no or don’t know to more than 4 questions, you have significant risk of being both the target of fraud and enduring a longer-term loss.

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