EEOC’s New Online Inquiry Form

I just read an article on a recent change to how reports to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are reported.  Alyssa Peters’s of article “An EEOC Charge Has Been Filed Against Your Company. What Now?” in reports the EEOC launched an online inquiry form. The online system is still in testing and only available … Continued

McLane Co. Inc. vs. the EEOC: Wider Latitude for Governmental Agencies?

I just came across Judy Greenwald’s recent article in “Supreme Court subpoena ruling favors EEOC,” details the 7 – 1 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in sex discrimination charge following an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  It is notable for a few reasons, particularly the potential latitude it affords the EEOC. Upon returning … Continued

Avoiding Pregnancy Discrimination

Mark McGraw’s article in Human Resource Executive Online, “Preventing Pregnancy Discrimination” was particularly interesting in what it reveals about how NOT to accommodate pregnant employees. McGraw reports that Rooms to Go Furniture Corp, a Seffner, FL based chain, agreed to pay a $55,000 settlement for a pregnancy discrimination filed by the EEOC. Chantoni McBryde was … Continued

Workplace Tension in a Season of Political Volatility

In the months leading up to the presidential election, and since, there has been a rise in workplace incidents regarding discrimination. In May 2016, a human resource trade group surveyed businesses and reported a one-fourth jump in incidents with a political volatility compared to prior presidential campaigns; by October, employers nationally reported a dramatic 52 … Continued

Mental Health Safety in the Workplace

Mental health is a sometime overlooked component of workplace safety; specifically, recognizing symptoms and knowing how to provide help employees experiencing suicidal thoughts and depression.  Further, different types of mental illness mandate what type of reaction employers should engage. The Mental Health First Aid USA handbook of the National Safety Council has an acronym used … Continued

Dealing with Employee Theft: An Attorney’s Perspective

I came across a recent article in The Gazette by Wilford H. Stone, a lawyer with Lynch Dallas in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He shares some startling examples of embezzlement and theft throughout his state.  For example, Stone cites employees at a national supermarket chain where employees were responsible for 56% of theft, ranging from unauthorized … Continued

2016 Litigation and Enforcement Data from EEOC

Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released an exhaustive report on its Fiscal Year 2016 Enforcement and Litigation Data.  The full report from the EEOC website is available here. 2016 saw a slight rise in the total number of charges filed (91,503) over 2015 (89,385) and 2014 (88,778).  This increase may indicate a trend … Continued

Breaking Business Silos and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

I was reading Tom Fox’s January 5, 2017 article “Technology, Compliance, and the Breakdown of Corporate Silos” in Compliance Week.  It was particularly interesting. Fox references a January 3 Wall Street Journal article by Angus Loten and John Simons (“Leadership Evolves Amid Tech Changes”) that states “data-driven capabilities are breaking down barriers between formerly siloed … Continued

EEOC Discusses Legal Rights for those with Mental Illness

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) recent article ‘Depression, PTSD, & Other Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace: Your Legal Rights’ (found here) addresses rights of applicants and workers under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Currently, the ADA does not make a distinction between mental and physical disabilities as applied to an employers’ obligations … Continued

Keeping Retail Employees Safe During the Shopping Rush

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, this piece I discovered seemed timely.  Eyewitness News Reporter Crystal Cranmore at WBRE/WYOU in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania offered some starting insights into some hazards retail employees face during this festive season. See it here: Despite attentive customer service, the bustle of holiday shopping can translate into unique safety … Continued